Escort work for girls in the USA and Australia

Do you want to earn $2000 per day?

We are looking for girls with the desire to earn a lot of money and travel to fascinating countries: United States of America (USA) and Australia.

The average income of girls that work with us is $2,000 per day. Working in the escort agency is a fantastic experience with the possibility to spend an interesting and fully accommodated life. It can hardly be called a job. It‘s more pleasure than work. The exciting trips to the most beautiful cities in Australia and America are waiting for you. You will be able to communicate with successful and interesting people, go to luxurious restaurants, and stay in fancy apartments or five-stars hotels.
As the practice shows, the possibility to make your life better and to earn $1000 to $3,000 per day is a possibility for every girl. The most important thing in escort work is to believe in your own strengths and to have a strong desire to make a lot of money.

Communication and full time support for every girl from our side will help you feel secure and safe throughout the entire tour. We are ready to work 24 hours per day to guarantee your safety and income. From the beginning of our partnership, we will be here to support and consult you on different issues and various situations.Our purpose is to help you easy and safely earn a lot of money. Cooperation with us will bring you a lot of money and we’ll save you a lot of effort and stress since we have gained much experience in this area. With 10 extensive years of escort work, we’re aware of all the issues and concerns of working as a escort in USA and Australia.

You are beautifull,smart and young girl?
You know that you deserve much more?
Do you want to to be honestly appreciated?

Do you want to have the attention of successful and rich men? Do you want to earn money using your attractive appearance and to receive all the excitements that are proposed by life? If this is the case, then you’re only one step away from your dream and a very well paying job! You only have to fill in form at our website and we will contact you soon.

Don’t waste your precious time and take your life future into your own hands! Earning money has never been so simple :) to be a pretty girl is very difficult it requires significant financial expenses for beauty procedures, expensive salons, grooming, and impeccable clothing. We will help you with this!

There is a simple process that allows you to start earning very decent money right now:
Fill in the questionaire on our website and send it to us with your best 5 photos.
We will contact with you and discuss every detail related to the job.
We’ll plan and set up a mutually acceptable time to begin your escort tour. We will discuss issues of tickets, accommodations, photos, and visas.
You will travel to New York or Sydney.
You will travel by taxi from airport to your hotel or apartments (we will explain to you in detail how to do it). In Australia we can meet you or a send driver to pick you up from airport.
After you have arrived at your apartment or hotel room, you will be able to get some rest for day. The next day we will inform you date and time of your first meeting.
Every client gives you money before the meeting begins as a sign of appreciation for meeting him. This is your earnings.
Why you need to work with us?
  • Round-the-clock support and consulting throughout the entire escort trip on any issue that you may be concerned about.
  • In order to start work at an escort agency in USA or Australia, you don't have to worry about anything. We will help you to find right hotel or apartment and optimal way to travel through cities during your tours.You only have to meet with your clients and think what to do with your earned money!
  • We‘ve worked escort industry for over 10 years. We have a large base of checked and reliable clients. We know how to check clients to make your meetings safe and secure. So, when you meet with any of them, you will feel safe and secure and you will have a steady income. We will provide you with the maximum number of meetings per day with a maximal payment for those meetings.
  • All girls with who we have partnership earn between 1000 to 3000 dollars per day. We consider it a great career path and a launching pad for a self-sufficient and worry-free life. It’s a great opportunity to fullfill all your dreams.
  • Working in the escort agency in the United States or Australia, you will be able to earn a great income from first day and life rich live.
  • Working in the escort agency of the USA or Australia may be for a short time or a long term job. You can work in escort without the necessity of having to leave your studies or your official job.
  • Working in the escort agency, you will be able to save money fast for anything you want – a new car,even own dwelling,help your familymembers, a car, or start your own business!. You’ll be able to visit the most spectacular countries of the world – the United States and Australia.
  • We guarantee you full confidentiality. No one will never know about the source of your income.
  • You will have the real possibility of meeting a millionaire husband amongst your clients .
  • You obtain the full independence and freedom to do what you want, where you want, and when you want. You don't have to wake up early anymore or worry about where to get your money.
  • You will have the opportunity to improve your English communication skills with your clients during meetings. Knowledge of English will be very handy in the future.
Hurry up and take advantage of this opportunity to change your life once and for all!
Do you want to enjoy the happy-go-lucky life and experience excitement in every moment? Contact us right now and fill our the application form to immediately begin working with us.
Requirements for the girls who want to work in the escort agency in USA or Australia.
Escort work for girls in USA and Australia is very high payd job. In order to successfully work with us, you don't have to look like supermodel. Your best quality is your atractiveness. You have to be fun girl who puts out lots of energy and positive moods to the people around you. You want to be the type of person that people want to spend time with.
Your age must be 21 to 35 years.
English is not a mandatory but it will be a huge advantage on the way to your successful career in escort and beautiful life.
  • Your age for escort work must be between 21 to 35.
  • Your height must be from 160 to 185 centimeters.
  • Your weight must be from 40 to 65 kg. You must be a slim girl without overweight.
  • You must be trustworthy and punctual.
  • You must have a huge motivation to work and to earn from $20,000 to $50,000 per month.
  • You have to be good-looking, groomed, and attractive. You don't necessarily have to have a model look.
  • You will have to obtain a visa to the America or Australia. If you aren't holding a visa currently on your hands, we are able to consult or help you with all visa issues.
  • All girls are obliged to have a beautiful and professional portfolio. We will recommend high-quality photographers if you don't have any professional photos.
  • You'll have a possibility to go to USA or Australia for at least one month (we will buy your tickets for you or cover the expense).
  • A strong English speaking ability will be a huge advantage for girls if they like to work in America or Australia. Girls should have at least basic English communication skills.
  • Having previous work experience in the escort agency is a huge advantage. Girls shouldn‘t have complexes; they must be relaxed, open minded, and fun to communite with for rich men.
  • Girls are obliged to listen and to adopt all our recommendations and advice concerning work. If you take care of your job and are not careless, you will be able to earn a significant amount of money. But you have to have a strong desire to earn money working with us.
Want to know more about escort work ? Write to us or fill out the application form and we will contact you.
Conditions of escort work for girls

You must have already know what is escort work. Let us now introduce you to the most interesting parts of our business offer for you.
These are the conditions that we offer in order for us to successfully co-operate together:

We have been working successfully in escort business for more than 10 years. During this time, we have collected an outstanding and quality base of reliable and very rich clients.
We care and support you and guarantee your full confidentiality at time of our partnership.

If you don’t have a professional portfolio yet, we will recommend best photographers that will be able to take some outstanding pictures of you.

Very important skill in escort work for girls is to be able spend time most pleasant and good with each of your clients. The better impression you can give to your clients, the more luck and the bigger income will accompany you. Throughout the entire period of work, you must refrain from taking any alcoholic drinks and psychotropic drugs.

It’s also important to try to always be cheerful and attractive girl. Meetings with our customers usually take place no earlier than 8 or 9 o’clock in the morning. That is why you have to be prepared to start your work day with meetings at this time. Usually, work takes place until 9 or 10 PM, sometimes longer, but you will always have the possibility to sleep well and to stay groomed and prepare yourself for next meeting.

When your date begins, you will have to greet your client politely and treat him well. Most often, you will spend several hours with each client. If you are fun and attractive enough, you will be able to stay with this client for even longer. As you know, time equals money. That is why a good first impression from your meeting is your best advantage. You have to be seriously motivated to earn huge money and to stay focused on your work and client. If you do that, you will guaranteed earn a lot of money.

Escort work for girls in USA

It’s not a secret to anybody that the USA hosts the largest number of rich people on the planet and that is why the US is the number one in the world economy. It is likely that every girl at least once wanted to move from the own place of living and to travel abroad the ocean.
Maybe you will become a rich, meet many nice people ,get married or make your dreams coming to reality.

The escort tour in the United States of America is an occasion that can change your outlook on life.
There is no best place on the planet where a person can enjoy such emotions when he or she travels abroad the ocean for the first time. America is a great place to spend your time and to do have a lot fun too!
Every person will be able to find many attractive sightseeing locations and pleasant engagements from shopping to visiting museums. An escort tour to the United States of America is the simplest possibility to see this spectacular country and to visit 20 or 25 of the most fabulous cities. In whatever city you visit, we have about 2,000 verified regular customers that will want to meet you.
Girls usually stay in one city for 2 or 3 days. It is necessary to provide you with as many meetings as possible. In one day girls can have no less than 4 meetings with no less than one-hour duration meetings. You will receive from $400 to $1000 for every hour from your client. We take a small payment equal to 100-200$ for each booked hour for our services.

You can earn no less than $300 to $800 from each of these meetings. The second and third hour cost the same as the first one. It is very profitable for you to find a common language with your clients to make your meetings lasting as long as possible. In the case when you have 4 meetings per day, you will receive around $1000 to $4000. In especially good days, you will be able to earn over $3000 per day!
Usually, girls that have at least several positive feedbacks from their clients have no less than 5 or 7 meetings every day during the entire tour. That is why it is extremely important to communicate to your customers as nicely as possible to have the opportunity to increase your demand among the rich clients. During the entire time of the tour, you will stay in our recommended 4 or 5 stars hotels. You will be able to select which one will be suitable for you. The cost of living there varies from $110 to $200 per day.
We will select for you the optimal method of travel between locations during your escort tour in the United States.
You will have to have a high-quality photo set in order to be seen by as many clients as possible. Preserving your confidentiality, we will hide your face. You will never have to worry about this issue.
This proposal is only valid for self-efficient and experienced girls with good English language who can maintain a conversation in the company of rich people.  If you need we can help you to buy flight ticket and pay your accomodation at start. Contact us right now to get more details of working with us.

Escort work for girls in Australia

We invite girls that are over 18 years old to visit one of the most beautiful countries in the world – Australia. Country where kangaroos live, year-round warmth and wonderful nature and beaches. Isn’t this a great reason to travel to this country for making money?
Escort work for girls in Australia is fully legal and you don’t take on any additional risk compared to other tourists that came here for travel. Our huge base of rich gentlemen and businessmen in Australia is expanding daily and they are very happy to meet you in cities such as: Sydney, Canberra, Gold Coast, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane. Girls spend from 7 to 30 days in one city, depending on how busy with clients they are. ​​Sometimes a girl will have many meetings in one city during one month and sometimes it is necessary to move from city to city every week. We can guarantee you from 4 to 10 meetings every day.We are always very happy to meet new ambitious girls with wish to make a lot of money in Australia for further partnertship.Marketing and personal promotion of every girl includes a high-end portfolio received from the best photographers, advertising in all major escort directories and much more. We provide you a generous income, safety, confidentiality, and constant care and support to every girl with whom we work with. Clients not only come to visit, but also call the girls to their homes. Aside from the standard earning, many girls receive a lot of tips, gifts, and compliments. It also happens not so rare that companies consisting of several girls are in high demand at various parties and other occasions.

We are ready to provide you from 3 to 7 meetings every day from one hour to the full night. One hour with you will cost from 400 to 1000 australian dollars. We take 30% as the commission for our service. All our clients are true gentlemen and they care and love the girls that they meet. It also happens not so seldomly that companies consisting of several girls are in high demand at various parties and other occasions. We are ready to provide you from 3 to 7 meetings every day from one hour to the full night. Your clients will be ready to pay you from 400 to 1000 Australian dollars for one hour with you. 30 minutes with you are paid from 300 to 800 Australian dollars. There are extra services that are paid additionally. The total cost of one hour with extra services may significantly increase.Your total daily income will be at least A$1,000 to A$3,000. Sometimes you will earn over 3,000-4,000 Australian dollars per day. We take 30% as the commission for our service. The cost of living in the apartments and hotels is all paid by us and you don’t have to pay anything for a living.We also capable of buying you the air ticket to Australia and we can also consult you on all issues related to obtaining an Australian visa.You have the opportunity to work with your own schedule and you won’t need to depend on anyone for earnings from 1000 to 3000 australian dollars every day. So what are you waiting for? Contact us or fill out the application form on our site and we will contact with you within 24 hours.

Do you want to travel to the United States of America or Australia while also earning money during your travels?
Do not waste your time any longer – just fill our application form and we will contact you shortly!
What kind of clients use the services of escort girls?
The clients of the girls are mostly wealthy people between the ages of 20 and 50. They want to spend their free time with attractive girls, taking a break from hard work. Clients like natural beauty girls who take care of their appearance.
Will my contacting you about the escort job become confidential?
We value our reputation very much. All information about the girls we receive is strictly confidential.
Do escort girls have days off?
Yes, you can take some days off when you need to inform us in advance and use them for vacations, shopping, and excursions. Dates of the weekends are discussed in advance and you can take as many days off as you want.
Does the girl have to be a model?
No, it is not necessary to have a model look. Clients have different tastes, so their requirements for girls' appearance vary. Demand for models with different body parameters, height, weight, hair color, age.
I want to go to work in an escort tour in America or Australia. What to start?
You can fill out a profile on our site or contact us at the contacts listed and we'll discuss everything with you.
What cities do the girls work in?
In America (USA): Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, Hartford, Indianapolis, Kansas, Madison, Orlando, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Richmond, Tampa, Washington. We actively adding and other cities.
In Australia: Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Canvera, Melbourne. Escort work takes place on a system of city tours, so the arrival you may be able to stay in each of these cities.
How do you check customers in the U.S.?
Before coming to see a girl each client is very strictly checked. Client must send us a picture of his identity card in hand, driver's license, proof of address, proof of bank account, proof of employment, links to social networking profiles, links to websites where they have confirmation of identity and written reviews. After the client sends these data we can check his criminal record and presence in blacklists. We give the girls security guarantee in all meetings. When the client comes he has to show the girl his identity card to make sure he is the right person.
Do you take the girls' passport data? Do you take their passport?
Passport data are necessary to make sure that the girl is of legal age. The documents are always left with the girls. We only need a copy.
Do you guarantee privacy to the girls?
Yes, only private photos with hiden face will be publicly available. Also we can sign a non-disclosure agreement about private details with you.
How long can girls go to work in America or Australia?
Girls can come to work for any length of time it is convenient, but not more than 90 days. Most of the time girls come for no less than 1 month. But if you can only go on a tour to America for a short time we would be glad to work with you too.
How do girls travel during escort tours in cities in America and Australia?
In Australia girls travel by airfare between cities. From airport to hotel or apartment by taxi.

In America girls travel between cities by airfare, trains and buses. Depend on how long city is from you. The average price for the flight 50-150 $, the train $ 50-100, buses $ 20. On average every day for expenses (hotel + transfer and cab) should be about $ 200.

We book tickets and hotels for the girls. Girls do not have to think about it.
What time of day the girls have meetings?
From 9-10 am to 10-11 pm. Between meetings there is a lot of free time. If the girls move from city to city, then on that day the meetings start at lunch time when the girls have already checked into a hotel or apartment. The girls will always have plenty of time for sleep and rest.
Can I go on an escort tour with my girlfriend?
Yes you can
Where better to go to escort work girls in America or Australia? Where do you make more money?
Both America and Australia are very good countries in terms of earnings in escort. In America in each city we have collected base of 2000 verified clients on which we do mailings when you come to town, in Australia we have collected base of 80% of all possible clients on which we do mailings. We also do advertising in all possible places and are in constant search of new clients. And in America and Australia can easily earn 1000-3000 dolars a day on hand. In America the minus is that it is difficult to move from city to city and not everyone can cope with it. In Australia the minus is that it is very difficult to get into the country and you have to do a lot of manipulations even after which there is no guarantee that you will successfully get to Australia. The plus of work in America is that it is easier to get there, plus of work in Australia is that it is not necessary to move so often from city to city.
Do I need experience in escort work to work with you?
Escort experience is welcome but not required. The main thing that the girls have a great desire to make money.
Do girls have to go to the client? Or do they come by themselves?
In America (USA) all girls meet only in their hotel rooms. There is no going out. Only incalls. In Australia clients sometimes call girls to their home.
What is the duration of an escort tour for girls in Australia and America?
Escort tours for girls can last as long as they can legally stay in the country. Usually up to 90 days.
Do I need good photo shoot for escort work in America and Australia?
Yes you need to have good erotic photoshoot. If you already have an erotic photo shoot then send it to us to look at and we will definitely say if it is suitable for escort work in America and Australia.
Are there any days in America and Australia when there is no work for the girls?
There are usually less work on holidays. Girls have maybe 1 to 3 empty days a month when girls don't have any clients.
How long is the best time for girls to go on a tour to America or Australia?
Girls can come for any convenient time. The longer girls will be on tour the more money they earn.
When can girls go on escort jobs in America or Australia?
Girls can come to work any time they want. But note that the sooner the girls start getting ready for the trip, the better the result will be and the higher the earnings. In an escort tour of American cities girls need to start preparing for 2 weeks before arrival to have time to buy tickets at good prices and all customers had time to see the ads. So write as early as possible and lets plan your trip in advance . If you are going to work in Australia then it is necessary to calculate how much time it will take you to get a visa. We are happy to help you arrange your visa.
Can the girls go home at any time and interrupt their escort work?
When the girls will be leaving it would be very good if they could let us know in advance. As for escort tours of cities in America, it is very difficult to interrupt the tour when the girls are already advertised in the cities they are supposed to come to, and usually after that there are a lot of bad reviews. It's the same as if the celebrity didn't come to the concert and the tickets are already sold out. For this reason, if you will want to go again someday in future in a tour, you need to be very responsible and try to leave just when you finish your escort tour. The duration of the escort tour is up to the girl to choose. It is better to leave Australia with a pre-purchased ticket because if you buy it at the last moment it will cost a lot... A very big request to take with responsibility for planning time of stay in America or Australia.
What guarantee that the girls while working all will be just as you say?
We will do everything to the girls who work with us to make a lot of money and feel comfortable during the escort tour. We are your management team and you hire us for help you make money and you decide how long we can arrange your tours. The better we do our job the longer the girls will cooperate with us. We are very interested in long-term cooperation with the girls. The fact that we can pay you in part or in full for the tickets already shows that we do not intend to waste your time. You will see the results - your earnings already in the first days of our cooperation.
If I arrive, will they meet me?
Yes we can, but it would be more convenient for you to take the first cab at the exit from the airport and drive to the apartment on it. We can meet you at the apartment and pay for the cab. Or if it is US we could pay with our Uber card.
How stable is the number of clients per day?
In Australia, even out of season, you can definitely count on 5-6 clients a day. In the season 6-8 or more. In the U.S. if a girl is young and slim, you can count on 5-8 a day.
Do clients sometimes want a girlfriend for the whole weekend? Or a vacation?
Yes, it happens, but rarely. It is best to take all clients as there are. Then your earnings will be just great. If you find a common language with clients and make friends with them, of course there will be frequent orders and for a long time.
My name is Anna. I am 23 years old. Within 3 months of work, I’ve been earned between $500 and $1500 every day. I’ve since invested this money in plastic surgeries. Then I got acquainted with a billionaire. Now I am a housewife and I do not worry about anything. We’re recently married and we are currently expecting a baby. If I did not work for an escort agency, then I could never have made my dreams come true.
Do you want to hear or read more responses? Would you like to comment or review on your own experience working as an escort? Please contact us and we will answer all of your inquiries.
Why you need to start work in an escort agency today?
Are you really happy or not? Do you often dare to have a rest and do favourite things? Do you buy the things that really suit you? Do you have the apartment, good car? May you dare to give all up and each half a year be on vacation abroad there where there are the most beautiful girls and the most successful men? The place where life is a big holiday? Your life is currently consisting of constant problems but you still believe in good luck. Yes, but it occurs only with one person out of one thousand people. That is the person who was born in a rich family ...
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